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Merlin Project Is the Gold Standard in Project Management

The new Merlin Project 7 takes communication & documentation in projects to a whole new level. From now on there is no excuse to document your projects in detail. The brand new annotations can be used easily and elegantly in all projects, groups & phases, activities, resources, assignments and of course the attachments.

Annotations in Merlin Project

From now on, write down important things, explain or comment on what moves you in the project. No matter whether you work in the Gantt chart, on the kanban board or in the MindMap; the annotations are always just a mouse click away and always at the same position.

With this we underline once again that Merlin Project is the gold standard in project management on Mac, iPad and iPhone - which is a very nice customer quote that we use here!

Optimized For the New Operating Systems

Of course, we have updated the new version 7 on the Mac directly to the current version for macOS 11 Big Sur. We have redesigned the toolbar according to Apple's specifications, optimized every single symbol for Big Sur.

Merlin Project under macOS Big Sur

Together with the new spacing of menu items, the newly rounded windows and many features in the operating system, Merlin Project offers you a new experience - and still the same magic in your projects.

Of course the same has been done in the version for the iPad. The changes for iPadOS 14 were also implemented in Merlin Project 7:

  • Handwriting recognition in text fields
  • The interface was changed to standard symbols
  • The document browser is much tidier and thus much clearer
Merlin Project 7 on the iPad

In addition, with the annotations, which are of course also available on the iPad, another previously missing feature has come from the Mac to the iPad: Conflicts and warnings are now displayed in a separate panel.

The warnings in Merlin Project 7 on the iPad

Merlin Project 7 requires at least macOS 10.13 or iOS 13. Our subscribers receive the new version free of charge as part of regular updates. New users test all functions 30 days at no charge. Download Merlin Project for the Mac here. You can find the iOS version in the App Store.

Posted by Frank Blome on November 10th, 2020 under Products
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Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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