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Merlin Project or Merlin Project Express: Damaged after the download

Merlin Project Support

Occasionally we receive following question:
I've downloaded Merlin on my mac. When launching the application I get the error message saying that it is damaged. How to solve this?

Download from

You have downloaded Merlin Project from our website?

  • Please, delete all instances of Merlin Project from your Applications or Downloads folder.
  • Restart your mac.
  • Download a fresh copy from our website.
  • Move the extracted application into the Applications folder.
  • Launch Merlin Project from there.

App Store

You have downloaded Merlin Project or Merlin Project Express from the App Store?

App Store downloads are controlled exclusively by Apple. This means that we cannot repair damaged downloads.

You may try first re-installing from the App Store as explained here.

If the issue persists, you may try following:

  • Add an additional, temporary administrator user as explained here.
  • Log out from your current user.
  • Log in as this new administrator user.
  • Delete Merlin Project (Express) from your Applications and Downloads folder.
  • Launch the App Store.
  • Sign in to the App Store with your Apple ID that you used to subscribe / download Merlin Project (Express).
  • Load Merlin Project (Express) from the App Store.
  • Launch Merlin Project (Express) after the App Store shows it has been successfully loaded.

Does Merlin Project (Express) now start without error messages?
If so:

  • Quit Merlin Project (Express).
  • Log out the administrator user.
  • Log in your usual user.
  • Launch Merlin Project (Express).

NOTE: You may now delete the temporary administrator user.

You need more help? Please contact our support.

UPDATED: 08.10.2020

Posted by Peter Meier on October 5th, 2020 under Products
Tags: merlin-project merlin-project-express support damaged

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