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Communication From User to User: The Customer Forum

Customer Forum

In recent years, the way companies and customers interact with each other has changed. In order to obtain information, many customers prefer open discussion and exchange of opinions instead of the classic communication channels (telephone, e-mail or classic mail). They are happy to use the experience of other users to help them form their own opinions. After all, they often trust these experiences more than the provider himself, who only wants to market and sell his product.

Interface between companies and users

If companies operate a customer forum, they offer interested and loyal users of the product or supporters of the company a home in this way. Users, on the other hand, have a good chance to get quick feedback, feedback or help in the forum. Be it through a moderator or other users. Because in addition to the solutions of the experts themselves, it is often the other users who can offer their own solutions to problems, have their own tips at hand or can inspire other forum members by sharing their experiences.

Customer forum as communication instrument

In addition to the advantages for customer support, such forums offer an ideal opportunity for discussion and exchange of opinions. Above all, however, a customer forum is a suitable communication instrument. Presenting new products, announcing news, getting rid of internal messages: through a forum and the corresponding viral effects, news spreads quickly and well. For companies, the quick feedback and ratings of users can be crucial. With appropriate community management, conclusions can be drawn quickly and products can be optimized according to user feedback.

Merlin Project User Forum

For many years we at ProjectWizards have also been offering a forum for users of our project management software. While for many years there was a Merlin 2 user forum as a Google group, we moved to Xing and LinkedIn with the release of version 5. Since 2023 the Merlin Project user forum has returned to our website.

Feel free to stop by, get in touch with other Merlin Project users or contact our team. Are you looking for a special template for your project? Ask in the forum, maybe someone else can help you.

Posted by Stefanie Blome on October 20th, 2020 under merlin-project
Tags: forum kunden-dialog support community

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