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You are working with Merlin Project in a team and need to edit the same file?

If so, you know that when you edit for example your data in the 'Work breakdown' and another user is changing to the 'Resources' view, your application will also synchronize the view and show the 'Resources'.

How to work in a team using a shared project file and thereby still have the option of independent views?

This is how to proceed:

If you open the project file for the first time:

  • Following Window Configurations dialogue appears:
    Window configurations
  • Select ,Create a new window configuration:'
  • Enter a name for the configuration in the editable text field
  • Click ,OK' to complete.

If you already opened the project file before:

  • Call ,Window > Window Configurations > Edit…'
  • In the ,Window Configurations' dialogue click on ,+'. You will get a new configuration called ,Standard 02'.
    Window configurations
  • Rename the configuration
  • Click on ,Activate'.

When you edit the same documents in Merlin Project depending on Window Configurations options you can work on individual or synchronized views.

Posted by Peter Meier on March 28th, 2018 under Products
Tags: merlin-project support views macOS

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