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What are Window Configurations?

Window configurations are sets of document windows.

By default, the current configuration of your document windows is automatically saved in the document. However, you can use the Edit command to create additional configurations that you can switch between as you wish.

Windows > Window Configurations > Edit...

Which window configuration is currently active in a document (here besides Standard also two custom configurations MacBook Pro and iMac) is saved per user and screen size, so you can comfortably work with different devices.

A window configuration contains information about:

  • the currently open window (size, position)
  • the main view (currently visible view)
  • the Details view (status, size, currently visible view)
  • the inspector (width, status)
  • the resolution


You have a document that should use the whole screen on your laptop but only a partial area on your iMac. On the laptop you don't need an inspector because of space limitations, on the iMac you need the Details view additionally. With Merlin Project you can create a separate window configuration for the respective device and activate all the above settings with one click.

A window configuration can be selected via Windows > Window Configurations.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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