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5 questions about project management
with Stephan List

Coffee Talk

Stephan List

Before we leave the office for the weekend, we stop for a quick coffee talk with our project management colleagues to chat about their best practices. Well, not literally, but that's how we designed our interview series "5 questions about project management". To be fast, intense and refreshing like a good cup of coffee.

Today, we’ll talk with Stephan List. He is a business consultant and executive coach since 1991. His main focus lies on productivity. He regularly shares his knowledge of more than 20 years of business and project experience on his personal Tool Blog.

1. What is your favorite project management method?

I apply techniques from organization development and training, especially problem solving and creativity methods.

For my personal projects, I often work with sticky notes and pinboards.

2. Do you use project management software for bigger projects? If so, which one?

I use Trello, XMind, Evernote, Outlook as well as pen and paper for my personal projects.

3. What is your favorite ritual/routine in a project?

I’m not quite sure what you are referring to.

4. What is in your opinion the most underestimated factor for project success?

I guess, it is communication and not being aware of team dynamics. Also, kick-off and lessons learned meetings are often executed in a sloppy way and without considering the bigger picture. And many managers neglect force field analysis in regard to resources.

5. What is your biggest time waster?

Sometimes my curiosity gets in the way because it leads me to things that have nothing to do with my actual work.

Thank you for your time and all the best for your next project.

Posted by Paul Henkel on January 12th, 2018 under Project Management
Tags: 5 questions

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