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5 questions about project management
with Stefan Hagen

Coffee Talk

Stefan Hagen

Before we leave the office for the weekend, we stop for a quick coffee talk with our project management colleagues to chat about their best practices. Well, not literally, but that's how we designed our new interview series "5 questions about project management". To be fast, intense and refreshing like a good cup of coffee.

We start our coffee talks with Stefan Hagen. He is a business consultant and project manager since 2001 and a teacher at University of Applied Science Vorarlberg since 2004. He shares his opinions about trends and topics concerning project management and innovation on his personal PM Blog and today with us.

1. What is your favorite project management method?

The method must fit the project. The more complex and dynamic the project, the more agile the method we use. We apply scrum principles, roles and artifacts. The more stable and predictable the project, the more traditional our approach. In these cases, we normally follow the frameworks of PMBoK or PMI.

2. Do you use project management software for bigger projects? If so, which one?

Yes, we use solely tools by Atlassian, especially Confluence, Jira, Task Management and a variety of plugins (Tempo for time tracking and BigPicture for Agile Roadmap & Resource Management).

3. What is your favorite ritual/routine in a project?

Sprint reviews. Because that's when we present and celebrate our results.

4. What is in your opinion the most underestimated factor for project success?

Professional leadership on the level of customer, product owner, agile coaches and project managers. Leadership needs knowledge and above all talent. And talent is nothing you can learn.

5. What is your biggest time waster?

Inefficient meetings in combination with bad leadership.

Thank you for your time and all the best for your next project.

Posted by Paul Henkel on January 5th, 2018 under Project Management
Tags: 5 questions

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