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Merlin Project Celebrates 13th Anniversary
[Free Give-Away]

Today is a special day. Since November 9th 2004, Apple users can manage their projects with Merlin. That's right, we are celebrating the 13th anniversary of our Merlin launch. And we want our customers to celebrate with us. That's why we turn things upside down and give away a special birthday gift to you as a thank you for your support as our customer.

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We just wanted to develop a really good project management solution for our own business. I would have never imagined the success story that has evolved of this simple idea. Looking back, so much has changed and improved in the last 13 years, not only on the inside of our software.

When launching Merlin, there were not a lot of project mangement applications for mac out there. The market had been diminished by a major update of Apples operating system and the few solutions available were of rather poor quality. No wonder, that Merlin appealed so much to customers and soon became one of the most sold project management applications for mac. We were the first to combine usability with professional range of functions. Enable our customers to manage complex projects with ease - this has been and still is our mission. We have kept on optimizing and expanding our software since version 1.

With Merlin 2, for instance, we added functions like collaboration via the network, iPhone sharing or webbrowser capabilities in 2006. We reached another huge milestone in 2015, when we not only rebranded our software from Merlin to Melin Project but also made major improvements on its core, added important functions and refreshed the user interface.

A whole product line has been created to meet all demands of modern project management. With Merlin Project Go we brought the Merlin experience to the iPhone. In 2016, we launched Merlin Project Express, a slick solution for smaller projects and beginners. And Merlin Server makes collaboration not only more comfortable but also more secure than ever before.

Today, we offer version 4 of Merlin Project. We even speak Japanese and simplified Chinese. While other companies settle we keep on striving for better solutions. Using the advantages of cloud computing without risks? Merlin Project helps with that. Manage all documents and information from one app and even on the go? No problem. Make changes in private and sync later on a secure server? That's also a feature we offer with Merlin Project. And we have big plans for the future to make project management – agile or traditional – event more intuitive and efficient.

That we are celebrating today is for a huge part due to our customers who support us with purchases and valuable feedback. As a thank you, we give away birthday gifts. Every customer who sends us an email receives a free template. Simply send us an email and we will send you a nice Merlin Project template. That's all. No strings attached.

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