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How to define custom shortcuts?

You use shortcuts to quicken your workflows and would like to enter custom shortcuts for some Merlin Project menu commands?

Apple allows you to do so over the ,Keyboard > Shortcuts' System Preference.

Supposedly you want to define a shortcut for 50% completion.
Here a sample for your custom shortcut:

Why is this sometimes not working?

When entering the menu command for which you want to create a shortcut, you need to enter it exactly as it appears in the app. Please check again its title in Merlin Project. If you are running Merlin Project in French, Spanish, German or explicitly chosen English while your Finder is running in another language, the menu command under ,Edit > Completion' shows as ,50 %'.

The space between ,50' and ,%' is a non-braking-space. You need to press Option-Space to enter it.

When entering a correct menu-command title in the macOS System Preferences you can define shortcuts or use custom shortcuts for all your Merlin Project menu commands.

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