Friday Again Already?


Lately, I’ve regularly found myself asking the same question by midday every Friday... I think you know well enough now how the rest goes from previous Friday articles ;-)

Essentially: What did I have on this week?

The TouchBar comes to Merlin Project

I already announced it soon after the new MacBook Pro was presented: Merlin Project will of course support the TouchBar. After this, I was bombarded with emails, some of which contained very detailed ideas and requests. Many thanks for these!

So, without further ado, here’s a first look at the TouchBar in Merlin Project.

TouchBar in Merlin Project

Or as an animation with background functions.

Merlin Project TouchBar

The key question now is when will the TouchBar be appearing in Merlin Project? I’m thinking, when it’s ready ;-) But seriously, as you can see, the basics are complete and it just needs to be coded. Once we’ve done this, we want to test out the control in live use before we release it as part of a free update. By the way, if you’ll (soon) be getting a new MacBook Pro with TouchBar and want to test this feature, drop me an email.

New version 4.0.10

We’ve released version 4.0.10 of Merlin Project, Merlin Server, and Merlin Project Go.

Merlin turns 12

Yes, really! Merlin has been around for 12 years already. On Nov. 9 I gave a brief account of Merlin’s evolution. In doing so, another important fact was brought to my attention. November 9 isn’t just an important date in German history – it also keeps cropping up in world history, just not always in connection with positive events...

Almost forgot, there’s one more thing...

Together with our partner Gareth Watson from LgoKnowladge, we’re working on a template and a system that allows Merlin Project to support agile and traditional project management methods. Here’s a little taster.

LgoKnowladge Agile Layout

Now I must get back to work. Bye for now...

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