Friday Again Already?


Recently it happens regularly that I ask myself the question at the latest on Friday around noon; "Friday noon, where has this week gone again"? Yes, I really ask myself this question in this form. And not as the universally quoted TGIF - "Thank God is Friday"; because I like to work! So my motto is FAA - "Friday Again Already" ;-)

So now I take some time to review selected topics of the last week. Maybe I will succeed in slowing down this speed a little... or as the consultant's slang says: "deceleration".

New start page

Not only the software but also our website is regularly maintained. In the last weeks it was the turn of the homepage. Now it contains more than just a nice screenshot. Now you can find a general table of contents on the first page and immediately see what's new. You can now also find this column under "Latest News". What did one of the developers call it: "The mother of all start pages"? ;-)

New Macbooks

It was so overdue! We all sat in front of the computer and watched the live broadcast of the keynote. And when the TouchBar was shown, many of us experienced an initial spark: What is Merlin Project going to do with this TouchBar? Zoom in the Gantt, open and close groups? There are so many possibilities! One thing is certain; we will support the TouchBar as soon as possible. But we still need your help. What would you like to do with it? Write your wishes to our support.

Not a new Mac mini

Unfortunately Apple did not update all devices, so it was predictable: Shortly after the end of yesterday's keynote I received an email. "Unfortunately no new Mac mini has been released. Can I run Merlin Server with the old Mac mini without any problems", a worried user asked. Completely problem-free! Of course, we all want new hardware, but the requirements of Merlin Server are so small that any system running macOS Sierra or El Capitan can easily run Merlin Server. And for the beginning of next year we hope to have more hardware. The rumour mill is already boiling again...

Well, now I have to get back to work. Bye for now...

Posted by Frank Blome on October 28th, 2016 under Internal
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