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How Do I Manage My Subscription?

Your subscription is managed by the service you subscribed to, i. e. Paddle, App Store or Setapp. You may access your account from within the app or go to your service's account and manage the subscription there.

The subscription management can be found in the Merlin Project menu. The runtime and license code information appears. After clicking on Manage Subscription, you may:

  • Extend Subscription ...- You may add additional licenses to your subscription, so that it can be used on more then 2 devices.
  • Cancel Subscription ...- The app can be used until the end of the subscribed period and will expire thereafter. Your data will remain available without subscription and the software can be used in "read only mode".
  • Change Payment Information- If your credit card or PayPal account details change, here you can adjust this information for your next payment.
  • *Latest Receipt - This will forward you to the latest invoice issued by our billing partner Paddle for your subscription.
    Manage Subscription in Merlin Project

If you purchased your subscription through the App Store for Mac or iOS, the complete administration is done through the iTunes account linked to your Apple ID. If you click on Manage Subscription in the app, you will be redirected there directly. For full details on managing your subscription in the App Store, please see the following Apple page.

Setapp answers any questions on the subscription management in the support section of their website.

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