How Do I Switch From a Single to a Multi-user Subscription?

Subscriptions with multiple licenses and central license management are only available for the Merlin Project PW Store version billed via Paddle not for the App Store version.

You Already Have a PW Store Subscription?

Once your paddle-billed subscription for Merlin Project includes at least 2 licenses, Merlin Project will automatically switch from a single-user to a multi-user subscription.

To add licenses to an existing subscriber, launch subscription management in Merlin Project from the Merlin Project > Subscription menu item.

In the window that opens, click Manage Subscription and then click Extend Subscription.

Merlin Project Extend Subscription

The purchase screen opens.

Add Licenses to Merlin Project subscription

Enter the number of additional licenses you need. You will see directly how the number of users increases. If you reach a quantity discount scale the discount will be deducted automatically.

Click on Buy More Seats and enter the login data (e-mail and personal password) in the next window. Confirm your purchase by clicking the Extend subscription button.

The fee for the additional license(s) will be charged via the payment method stored in your subscription. The amount due will be billed on a daily basis depending on the remaining term of your subscription.

You Have Subscribed to Merlin Project for Mac Through The App Store?

Apple Business Manager does not support subscriptions with in-app purchases. Thus, you cannot purchase multi-user subscriptions to Merlin Project through the App Store. Therefore, if you have a subscription via the App Store and would like to purchase additional licenses, we recommend switching to the PW Store version.

To do this, first cancel your App Store subscription for "Merlin Project: Gantt & Kanban". The subscription will still run for the paid period and then end.

Then download Merlin Project from our website (PW Store version) and take out a new subscription there for the required number of licenses. You can also start with the additional required license first and extend the PW Store subscription after the App Store subscription has expired.

You Have a Subscription to Merlin Project Express?

Since there are no multi-user features included in Merlin Project Express, there is no multi-user subscription for this version.

For multi-user Merlin Project collaboration, we recommend switching to Merlin Project and its extensive features such as the patented synchronization of files.

Do not forget to cancel your existing subscription before switching.

You Have Subscribed to Merlin Project for iPad or iPhone?

Multi-user subscriptions are only available in the App Store through the Apple Business Manager. However, this does not support subscriptions with in-app purchases.

However, since the iPad/iPhone version is exclusively available through the App Store, multi-user subscriptions for "Merlin Project: Gantt + Kanban" are unfortunately not possible. Each subscription must be purchased individually via the iPad/iPhone and is linked to a personal Apple ID.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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