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How Can I Tell Which Version I Have Licensed?

Start your Merlin version and click on the About Merlin menu item. The window that opens will give you the product name, version number and - in the case of Merlin Project subscription - whether you have subscribed to the PW Store (Paddle) or the App Store (Apple).

You do not need a license file to activate the Merlin Project subscription. You use the login you specified when you purchased your subscription. However, Merlin Project will create a license number in S-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX format internally.

The license files of the older versions differ in the file extensions:

– Merlin Project 3 and 4: .mprojectl
– Merlin 2: .merlinLicense
– Merlin 1: .pwreg

– Merlin Server 4, 5 and 6: .mserverl
– Merlin Server 2: .merlinServerLicense

Note: If you can’t see the file extensions, right-click the file name and then click “Get Info”.

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