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Installing, licensing, and first steps

  1. Download the current version of Merlin Project.

  2. Drag and drop the loaded application Merlin Project onto your "Applications" folder.

  3. On the initial start of the software you can decide whether you like to start the 30 days demo, subscribe to Merlin Project or use it in read only mode.
    • During the 30 days trial you may use the software without restrictions.
    • After the demo has expired, you can open and read existing Merlin Project documents.
    • In order to create and edit documents you require a subscription for Merlin Project.

You'll find more detailled information on how to manage your subscription here.

  1. Download the current version of Merlin Server. You are loading the 30 days trial version which will be unlocked to a full version when entering the license file.

  2. Drag and drop the loaded application Merlin Server onto your "Applications" folder.

  3. Double click your license file to install it. The program starts and its license window pops up displaying all installed licenses.

The Merlin Server license is a small file, no string of numbers and/or characters.
You will receive it upon payment.

The new Merlin Project 5 data format is compatible with Merlin Project 4, so there is no reason against of a parallel installation. There are two ways to install both versions side by side:

First, rename the program "Merlin Project" to "Merlin Project 4" in the Application directory in the Finder, then download the new version from this website and follow the instructions after the download (depending on your settings, the Finder may also display the After that both apps are next to each other:

The second option: You download Merlin Project 5 from this website. If you move the app to the Applications folder, the Finder will show this alert (depending on your settings, with or without the extension ".app"):

Click on "Keep Both" and you will see the result in your Applications folder:

Optionally, you can rename the copy to "Merlin Project 4" again.

The latest software version is available for download on the respective product page.

There is no difference between the test version and the full version apart from the restriction that you can only read projects after the trial period expired.

With subscribing to the product or buying a license you will unlock the demo to a full version. This lets you continue editing data you entered while demoing the software.

Of course, all licenses are stored in our database. We will gladly send you a copy of your license key. The e-mail address you used for your purchase helps us to find you in our database.

The fastest and easiest way is our automated online query. Enter your email address in the field provided and your licenses will be emailed to that address again.

Your email address is no longer valid or you are not sure which address you used? No problem. Please email us. We will then manually search our database. All information (name, company, email, order number, date of purchase) you have about your purchase will help us. We will then send the found licenses to your current e-mail address.

You have downloaded and unzipped Merlin Project.

When launching the application

  • either you received an error message, that Merlin Project is damaged.
  • or you may not use an existing project file and create a new one.

How to solve?

  • Perform a secondary click onto the downloaded file ""
  • Choose "Open with… > Archive Utility"
  • Move the extracted application into the Applications folder.
  • Launch Merlin Project from there.

It usually only takes a few steps to completely remove all files (apart from project files). We have made this process somewhat easier thanks to a free-of-charge program. Please let us know if something doesn’t work.

  • Download and install App Cleaner
  • Exit Merlin Project
  • Start App Cleaner and drag the Merlin Project program icon to the App Cleaner window
  • Empty the Trash bucket
  • Restart your computer (commencing with OS X 10.9 Mavericks, the operating system saves many settings in the main memory)

If you’d now like to install a fresh version of Merlin Project, you can start that here.

Project Management with a bit of Magic!

Merlin Project combines traditional methods with Kanban.