Does Merlin Project Need a Server Database or the Cloud for Storage?

Merlin Project is not a Cloud web service, does not save your project data on a dedicated server, neither requires a Cloud storage.

Merlin Project macOS and iOS native applications collect project data into one document bundle. You can choose whichever storage location suits you best and is available to you on your OS. That means, you can save and work with documents from your hard disks, flash or thumb drives, local or remote file servers, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Our support recommends:

Does your organization have a security policy, that prohibits the use of cloud services? Save your project documents on your local hard disks or company file servers.

Our patented technology MagicSync comes into play when you share the folder where the project data is saved with others. Should Merlin Project know the service in use (see the list at the bottom of the page), changes will be automatically synchronized with each other.

So you start this process only by sharing a folder with others and other people work with the corresponding project. Therefore, MagicSync cannot be disabled in Merlin Project. The function is always on stand-by. If you do not share the folder with others, you can even perform the sync manually by selecting the "Integrate changes..." command of the Merlin Project File menu. Then you synchronize only on demand.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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