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How can I subscribe to multiple licenses for my company and manage them centrally?

We have integrated a simple and clear license management in Merlin Project. This is automatically activated as of the 2nd license in a subscription.

You can subscribe centrally from within the application for the required number of users and receive a list of license codes. Forward this code to the individual user by e-mail, text message, or as plain text for activating his or her team device.

With the login set by you, you can manage your subscription in Merlin Project, purchase additional licenses or cancel it. Canceled licenses will continue to run until the end of the current billing period.

In the license overview you can enter the name and e-mail address of the user next to the license code. If an employee leaves the company, you can withdraw his or her license and assign it to another employee.

A big advantage besides the central administration of all Merlin Project licenses in your company is also the fact that

  • as soon as the subscription contains 10 or more licenses, our volume discount is automatically deducted.
  • the price per license is the same for the entire subscription.
  • you do not have to enter the payment details for each individual subscription, as these are stored.

Note: The central license management is only available if the software was downloaded from our website and not from the Mac App Store. For Apple, each purchase is billed individually per user, and volume discounts are not available there.

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