How can I subscribe and centrally manage licenses for my company?

There are two billing methods for subscribing to the Mac version of Merlin Project:

Subscription via our website.

Download the software from our website (PW Store version) and start a subscription via in-app purchase. Billing is done via Paddle and payment options are credit card and PayPal. You will receive an invoice made out to your company.

As soon as a PW Store subscription contains 2 or more licenses, the central multi-user license management unlocks; a single becomes a multi-user subscription.

Subscription via the Apple App Store

Alternatively, Merlin Project is also available in Apple's App Store.

Due to Apple's requirements, all App Store purchases are linked to a personal Apple ID. The payment method and billing address stored there are used for payment. The Apple Business Managers is not supported. Multi-user subscriptions are not available through the App Store.

Licenses for iPad/iPhone and Merlin Project Express are available as separate subscriptions via the Apple App Store.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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