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Settle subscriptions via the Apple App Store as a company

Apple App Store

What has long been standard practice on iPhones and iPads for some time increasingly applies now to Mac software too: buying software from Apple's App Store and subscribing to it.

The benefits are obvious:

  • Software for your Mac, iPhone or iPad can be found in one central place.
  • The App Store is pre-installed and can be used without much effort.
  • Software is checked by Apple and only then released for the App Store. Malware can thus be excluded.
  • Software updates are made available for download centrally via the App Store and, depending on your settings, are loaded automatically.
  • Apple takes care of the protection of your personal data and does not pass it on to third parties - not even to the software developers.
  • You have central access to all App Store purchases in the purchase history.
  • Your billing information is linked to your personal Apple ID, so you don't have to re-enter your data and payment information for each purchase.

However, this last point in particular presents many companies with a challenge in terms of accounting for expenses. The link to a personal Apple ID means that purchase receipts are not issued to the company, but to the user.

In addition, many companies live by the "bring your own device" principle, which allows employees to use the company computer, iPhone or iPad not only for work but also for private purposes. The options of Apple Business Manager, which provides for central management of all company devices and the software installed on them, can thus often not be used. Also, as of today, in-app purchases for subscriptions cannot be billed via Apple Business Manager.

Since the monthly and also the annual subscription for Merlin Project can be subscribed for both macOS and iOS also via the App Store, we looked around for possible solutions:

Reimburse The Expenses Via Expense Report

The user creates a expense report using the receipt issued by Apple.

Our support recommends!

As an alternative to the App Store, use the subscription for enterprises billed via Paddle. There you can freely enter the billing data. In addition, the purchase is not tied to a private Apple ID.

Add An Additional Payment Method

Multiple payment methods and therefore billing addresses can be stored for an Apple ID. Apple first uses an existing credit for billing and then the payment methods in the order in which they are stored with the Apple ID. Details can be found in the Apple support article.

Note: The order should be adjusted before payment if the purpose changes between private and business. This is especially important for recurring payments because the primary payment method is always used.

Pay with credit from gift card

A credit balance is generally preferred over the deposited payment method, so use App Store & iTunes cards in the required value. These gift cards are available from Apple online and in many retail stores (for $15, $25, $50 and $100). Apple additionally offers online the option to freely choose the value of the gift card. Fill up the Apple ID account with a gift card for the amount of the purchase or subscription fee: Buy Apple Gift Card. The App Store purchase is then paid for with the balance.

Note: For recurring payments (subscription), it is necessary to fill up a balance before the payment is due, otherwise the primary payment method stored with the Apple ID will be used.

If you have any further questions about billing, please feel free to contact our sales team.

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