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Project management with Excel?

Let us compare!

It happens regularly when I visit business partners: At some point someone appears and presents me - not without pride - a spreadsheet in which a complete project was calculated. Not again, I think, trying to remember the arguments of the last discussion of this kind.

To emphasize that: I'm not an Excel enemy. Quite the opposite! MS Excel is the only reason why I still have Microsoft Office installed on my Mac.


Posted by Frank Blome on July 19th, 2018 under Project management
Tags: software merlin-project excel microsoft

Kanban in project management

Agile Kanban combined with traditional project management

While agile methods such as Kanban are now widely used in project management, employing a purely agile approach without the advantages of traditional project management methods often does not work, especially when a large project team is involved.

This article explains the advantages of agile Kanban and the traditional waterfall model, and how you can employ this to your advantage in the form of hybrid project management.


Project Management with a bit of Magic!

Merlin Project combines traditional methods with Kanban.