The Headstand Method

An Unconventional Approach to Success


One of the first images I remember of my father is of him doing a headstand in our garden. I'm sure he wasn't thinking about yoga or the headstand method that is becoming increasingly popular today.

In the world of productivity and efficiency, there are countless methods and approaches to help you achieve your goals and realize your full potential. The so-called headstand method is one of them.

Let's take a look at what's behind this unusual approach?

What is the Headstand Method?

The headstand method (also known as the inversion method or flip-flop method) is a creativity technique for brainstorming and problem solving. By reversing our perspective and looking at issues from a different angle, interesting and unexpected insights can be gained.

The name is derived from the yoga exercise "headstand", where you literally look at the world from an inverted position. Similar to yoga, the headstand method encourages you to look at things from an unconventional perspective in order to gain new solutions and insights.

How does the Headstand Method work?

While the application of the Headstand Method is relatively straightforward, it does require a certain degree of creativity and openness. Here are some steps to effectively utilize the method:

Identify the Problem:

Start by identifying the problem or challenge you wish to address. This could range from professional difficulties to personal goals.

Ask Yourself:

Pose the question to yourself: how would you approach the problem if you were to do the exact opposite? What would be the opposite approach?

Change Your Perspective:

Mentally put yourself in the position of a person who does the exact opposite of what you would normally do. What would this person do? What decisions would they make?

Gather Ideas:

Collect ideas and solutions from this reversed perspective. Be creative and think outside the usual boundaries.

Analyze the Results:

Evaluate the gathered ideas and consider which ones could potentially be helpful in solving your original problem.

Implement the Insights:

Put the insights gained into action and observe how your perspective and approach change.

Why does the Headstand Method work?

The Headstand Method can be effective for several reasons:

New Perspectives:

By forcing ourselves to view things from unfamiliar perspectives, we open ourselves up to new ideas and insights that might otherwise elude us.

Encouragement of Creativity:

The Headstand Method encourages us to think creatively and harness our imagination to find innovative solutions.

Breaking Out of Routine:

We often find ourselves trapped in fixed thought patterns and routines. The Headstand Method compels us to break free from this routine and explore new avenues.


The Headstand Method may initially seem unconventional, but it can be extremely effective in addressing problems and gaining new perspectives. By encouraging ourselves to view the world from a reversed position, we can enhance our creativity and discover innovative solutions. So why not turn everything upside down and see where this unconventional approach leads?

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Posted by Stefanie Blome on June 7th, 2024 under Project Management
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