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Tips: Mac Apps for Craftsmen


In this blog post, we'll introduce you to Mac apps for crafts. If you work with Apple products then these apps are for you.


Intuit offers various applications for the office. With the QuickBooks Desktop you have the bookkeeping application for your office as a craftsman at your disposal.


Of particular interest is the fact that QuickBooks is available as a native desktop app for the Mac.


AutoCAD is the mother of all CAD software. With this software, the creation of digital technical drawings is the perfect choice for all craftsmen who need such drawings, whether master carpenters or building technicians.


Merlin Project

The project management software for your Mac and iPad/iPhone! With Merlin Project you always have your projects under control. It will make it easier for you to plan your tasks.

Merlin Project

Merlin Project is the perfect solution for your company and on the construction site to overview, document and control all tasks of the entire project, the whole also in team work. It's Microsoft Project for Mac, only better!


With CrossOver you have a solution that can run Windows programs on the Mac without much effort. This means that even quite exotic applications won't be banned from the Mac and you won't have to bother with Windows installations.

Posted by Antoni Cherif on February 1st, 2022 under Products
Tags: macOS craft apps AutoCAD Merlin Project QuickBooks CrossOver hints

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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