Hints: Mac apps for architects and engineers.


Apple products not only impress with their design, but are also very reliable and powerful. These are features that many architects and engineers appreciate in their daily work. If you are one of them, then the following products are just right for you and your office.

Apple Numbers, Pages and Keynote

Apple's free apps are the perfect Word, Excel and PowerPoint alternatives on the Mac. With iWork you have the basic applications for your office work at your disposal.

Apple iWork

If you absolutely must use the Microsoft Office products, these are available for a fee in a native Mac version.



The name says it all. ArchiCAD is the tailor-made CAD software for architects. With it you create all plans, sections, details and everything that goes with it in perfection. For more than 30 years, ArchiCAD has belonged to architects and Macs like the apple symbol belongs to Apple's logo.


Artlantis creates deceptively real visualizations and super-realistic results. Using data from ArchiCAD, you can create the perfect renderings without much knowledge.


The speed and realistic textures that Artlantis brings to your own designs are especially strong.

Merlin Project

The project management software for your Mac and iPad/iPhone! With Merlin Project you have your construction schedules and thus all your construction projects always under control. This will make planning easier for you.

Merlin Project

Merlin Project is the perfect solution for your office and on the construction site to overview, document and control all tasks of the entire project and the whole thing also in team work. It's Microsoft Project for Mac only better!


With CrossOver you have a solution that can run Windows programs on the Mac without much effort. This means that even quite exotic applications won't be banned from the Mac and you won't have to bother with Windows installations.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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