Feature Tip: Quick Notes and Split View


Apple recently released iOS and iPadOS 15, and with them a host of new and useful features. Learn more about the quick notes feature and how it can benefit you at work.

Apple's has become a really useful tool over the years.

Especially because for some time now you have also been able to share your notes with other users and also collect and manage information in it in a very versatile way with text, images and drawing options.

You can synchronize notes with iCloud, so you'll always have your info on the same and up-to-date status on all Apple devices, whether Mac, iPhone or iPad.

The quick note can be swiped from the lower right corner on an iPad or called up with the mouse under macOS 12 Monterey. After that, you have a note field in which you can write, draw and create lists. There is also the keyboard shortcut fn + Q, which opens the quick note without delay.

Whats New in

Other new features in Notes include Tags for better organization, mentions, and the activity view when you share your notes with others.

Share the Notes With Others

Sharing the information with other Apple users is especially useful if these people do not use Merlin Project. Click the button to add a person.

Share notes with others

Then enter the person's contact information to share the note. From now on you will work together on the content.

Split Screen on iPad

On an iPad, there is also another option available to you. The so-called "Split View" allowing you to work with two apps simultaneously by splitting the screen, has been further optimized in iOS/iPadOS 15. This makes it easier to schedule your projects with Merlin Project in one part of the screen and use (or other apps) in the other part at the same time.

Posted by Antoni Cherif on October 6th, 2021 under Products
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