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Tools and apps I work with - today: Stefanie Blome

Stefanie Blome, ProjectWizards GmbH

Hello, my name is Stefanie Blome and at ProjectWizards I take care of sales, accounting, human resources management and whatever else comes up in the administration. I also write articles for our blog and support my husband Frank, our CEO, as his assistant and keep his back as far as possible.

Important for the daily work are of course always the little and big helpers on my computer, which means the software I use for the completion of my various tasks.

  • My main tool is Microsoft Excel. With this software I write invoices, create various lists and tables and prepare the accounting for the tax advisor.

  • For online banking, I use the German app Money Money, which works perfectly with our bank.

  • An important contact channel to our partners, suppliers and customers is e-mail. For this, I use the Mail app integrated in macOS.

  • Customer e-mails are forwarded to our support system SupportPal upon receipt. There they can be processed as individual tickets.

  • The ProjectWizards team works decentralized - everyone at his favorite place. To communicate with each other, we have been using Slack as a tool for chat and telephone for several years. But also Skype and Zoom are used for phone calls and video conferences with several participants.

  • For our website I write contributions with BBEdit. Should a classic letter be necessary, I use Microsoft Word.

  • The management and version tracking of the website contributions is done via Git Tower

  • When translating texts and e-mails from and into different languages, I use DeepL.

  • Of course, I also use our own software: I plan various events in Merlin Project and pass on information about calls to my colleagues using the Phone Memos app. I use our app Herein! for contact follow ups and have fun with Meeting Cards during our virtual meetings 😉.

Posted by Stefanie Blome on March 10th, 2021 under Internal
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