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Today: Gareth Watson from Swansea, United Kingdom

Gareth Watson, Merlin Project Trainer

Gareth Watson and his team at LgoKnowledge Ltd. specialize in helping businesses manage themselves using Apple solutions. They do not want to be a large IT company because they prefer the personal touch. Most importantly, they intend to build long term relationships with their clients and work with them to deliver projects.

LgoKnowledge's portfolio includes Daylite an application for CRM and business management, Money Works a cross platform accountig software and Billings Pro a software for expense tracking and invoicing. So what could fit better in this lineup than Merlin Project for project management.

For Merlin Project users, LgoKnowledge offers help on technical issues or with project management features, they assist you to set up your project plan and train you and your team. Their blog contains some how two articles and tutorial videos.


Not knowing the best way to work with a system is frustrating for users, and increases the amount of time and money your organisation is wasting. So, to unlock the true power of Merlin Project, you need to learn it and get to know the key project management concepts.


We deliver our expertise when it’s needed, and share our knowledge with you so you are not dependant on us.

LgoKnowledge provides help at your pace and suited to your business by running a training session at your office or a convenient location, also online. They have a list of different trainings offer to suit your needs:

  • a Merlin Demo to give a quick and brief overview of the possibilities and functions of Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad.
  • regular online trainings on special topics, e. g. Merlin Quick Start, Merlin Reports & Customisation, Merlin Budget & Costs to go a bit more into detail
  • an open class Merlin Project Training to learn all of Merlin Project features in a on-day session
  • an onsite training at your pace and suited to your business to get the best out of Merlin. LgoKnowledge assist you to adapt Merlin Project to fit into your existing project management procedures and workflows.


Plan your projects in Merlin Project, allocate your team tasks, sent them to Daylite and let your team deliver on time, every time. To combine the power of Merlin Project and Daylite LgoKnowledge developped the MerlinDayliteLink.

With this app you may

  • link a Merlin project to an existing Daylite project
  • create and update Daylite tasks or appointments from Merlin activities
  • create Daylite events from Merlin milestones
  • create and assign users of Daylite tasks and appointments using Merlin resources

To test the MerlinDayliteLink a demo version is available on Lgo's website.

Merlin Cloud

LgoKnowledge operates a Cloud solution for Merlin Project file storage. They offer secure UK hosting on a flexible month to month contract to which you may add or remove users when you want. Signing up for their Merlin Cloud enables you to share and collaborate on your projects with your team without having to worry about hosting your own data or maintaining your own server.


We don’t believe in cutting corners
and focus on quality over quantity.

Contact Gareth Watson and his team

Who better to answer questions about their offer than LgoKnowledge themselves? Gareth Watson and his team look forward to hearing from you:

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