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Friday Again Already?


Lately, I’ve regularly found myself asking the same question by midday every Friday: “It’s midday Friday – how could this week have rushed past me yet again?” Yes, I really do ask myself this question just like that – and never like the often-said TGIF (thank god it’s Friday), because I like to work. My motto is “FAA” – “Friday again already” ;-)

So I’m taking some time again to review some of the topics that have caught my attention these past few weeks. Maybe I’ll even manage to throttle back a bit... Or as consultants say: “Decelerate”.

Merlin Project 4.0.9

The most important event of this week by far is the release of the new version 4.0.9 of Merlin Project, Merlin Server and Merlin Project Go. I want to take the opportunity to here to defend the iOS App Store: Contrary to the general consensus, working with the App Store reviewers is anything but a pain. Of course, they’ve rejected one or two of our updates in the past, but this was well-founded, and we were able to resolve the issues quickly. So, what’s new in the new version? As usual, find out by visiting the version information.

iOSXperts celebrates 10 years

Our partner iOSXperts celebrated their 10th anniversary this week! I was really pleased to get an invite, and with it the chance to see their new office space. I was especially delighted to see two friends from Canada again: Alykhan Jetha and Michael Clark from Marketcircle. Their main product, Daylite, should be familiar to most Merlin Project users.

Merlin Project put to an unusual use

The fact that you can use project management software to not only plan and manage projects was brought to the fore when we released our template on key account management. I’m always surprised to learn about the interesting uses customers put our applications to. Have you also got something interesting to show us? Drop us an email – every scenario presented here will be rewarded with a license.

Now I must get back to work. Bye for now...

Posted by Frank Blome on October 21st, 2016 under Internal
Tags: friday

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