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The New Merlin Project 3.1 Works Perfectly with Your Programs

Now Even with Applescript

Merlin Project

The new version 3.1 of Merlin Project focuses on connecting popular and important applications which our users use every day.

The integrated interfaces already make Merlin Project the perfect team player, allowing you to import data from key applications, process it, and then export it again to other programs. As a project manager, the new AppleScript interface lets you automate your processes with Merlin Project and connect to as many other programs as you like with complete ease.

Project data

Whether you want to import entire projects from Microsoft Project or just export individual tables from Microsoft Excel, Merlin Project lets you exchange data effortlessly.

Contacts, dated events, and reminders

Regardless of which programs you use to organize yourself – Apple’s own apps or Microsoft Outlook – Merlin Project imports your contacts, dated events, and reminders for you to use in your projects. Likewise, Merlin Project exports the data in the right format, such as project deadlines, for these programs.

Mindmaps & outlines as project templates

Use mindmaps from Mindjet, NovaMind, FreeMind or outlines from OmniOutliner? Perfect! Merlin Project imports this data easily, making it a breeze to process this data as a project. The same goes for when you create your mindmaps using Windows.

Exporting project views

Merlin Project can output your project views in standard formats so you can view them as HTML in all the popular browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome or the all-new browser Microsoft Edge. For Apple Preview, Adobe Acrobat or other image viewers, Merlin Project also exports to PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and other formats.

AppleScript integration

With AppleScript now integrated into Merlin Project 3.1 you can automate your workflows and enjoy an even greater number of convenient connections:

• Export project structures from Merlin Project to Things in the form of to-do lists
• Create new projects based on to-dos from OmniFocus erstellen
• Link content in Merlin Project with notes in Evernote
• Visualize activities from Merlin Project using Timeline 3D

As the AppleScript interface can be used universally, Merlin Project sets you free and allows you to create additional connections whenever you want.
For detailed information on Merlin Project’s extensive connections, visit here.

Interested? For a free 30-day trial of Merlin Project, start here.

Posted by Robert Sari on July 23rd, 2015 under Products
Tags: merlin-project release

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