My Question about Using the Software Hasn’t Been Answered. Where Can I Get Help?

Our support team is effective and the service is free of charges. So just contact us. We are looking forward to receiving your email.
To better understand your question, please also provide information about the following:

General information:

  • Which Merlin version are you using?
  • Which device: Mac, iPhone or iPad?
  • Which version of operation system (macOS, iOS) is installed?

Additional information in case of an issue or a crash:

  • Can you describe your last steps before the issue occurred?
  • Is it reproducible when you repeat your last steps?
  • Is it only occurring when you work with a specific project file?
    Send us a copy of the project file for us to check.
  • Send us screenshots, for example those of error messages
    Pay attention to send the images in a readable size and use original size with Apple Mail.
  • In addition, send us the support profile which can easily be generated via Merlin Project's help menue

You sent us an Email, but haven't received an answer yet. Why?

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We thank you for your understanding that phone support is not available.

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