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Other questions...

Our support team is effective and the service is free of charges. So just contact us. We are looking forward to receiving your email.
To better understand your question, please also provide information about the following:

General information:

  • which Merlin version are you using?
  • on which OS version?

Additional information in case of an issue or a crash:

  • Can you describe your last steps before the issue occurred?
  • Is it reproducible when you repeat your last steps?
  • Is it only occurring when you work with a specific project file?
    Send us a copy of the project file for us to check.
  • Send us screenshots, for example those of error messages
    Pay attention to send the images in a readable size and use original size with Apple Mail.
  • Send us in addition the support profile.

We thank you for your understanding as phone support is not available.

Please send all questions regarding licensing, subscription, purchase and training opportunities to our sales team per e-mail.

Questions regarding the use of the software will be answered by our support team per e-mail.

We are always very grateful for receiving any related information as it helps all our users.

In preparation for the public beta phase, we have put Merlin Project through intensive testing; we cannot however simulate every possible combination of hardware and, in particular, how different software products interact with each other.

We appreciate your feedback.

Like many of our users, we also routinely use Wikipedia. This online encyclopedia includes information on a wide range of topics that we have on our mind from time to time. When considering new features for our project management software, we hunt for relevant articles which describe aspects of the particular feature from a project-management viewpoint, or we search for interfaces from third-party vendors which might be integrated into Merlin to give it great new functionality.

As it is important to us that high-quality information is provided free of charge and ad-free on a non-profit basis, we support Wikipedia – and we’d love it if you followed our lead. Donate to Wikipedia too

By the way, if you'd like to check out the Merlin Wikipedia article, you will find it here.

Yes. We have set up a forum for English as well as for German speaking customers.

  • The English forum can be found on LinkedIn.
  • The German forum is available on XING.

Project Management with a bit of Magic!

Merlin Project combines traditional methods with Kanban.