8 Project Management Lessons from Peter Drucker

A Personal Book Summary of "The Effective Executive"

8 lessons based on Peter Drucker's book The Effective Executive

When I was still in my undergraduate studies, we were "slammed" with many well-known personalities on all sorts of topics in management. However, among all the Mintzbergs, Taylors, and Welchs, I could always sympathize the most with Peter Drucker. I literally devoured his books and even bought the two-volume management tome second-hand so as not to overstretch my student budget.

The lessons are absolutely timeless and applicable to any discipline. So today I would like to share with you my 8 lessons on how you, as a project manager, can bring Peter Drucker's wealth of experience into your daily work.


Posted by Marvin Blome on November 2nd, 2023 under Project Management
Tags: book_review lessons_learned

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