New Version of Key Account Management

New Version of KAM Template for Merlin Project

Since 2019, many Merlin Project users have found the template for key account management very exciting. The template is constantly in the top 10 of our project management templates.

We also still use the template for our partners, special prospects & customers, as well as our service providers. However, over the last 5 years we have made some small but subtle changes to our system.

Let us show you these improvements. You can download the new template for free.

Key Account Management 1.0

In the first version, the focus was purely on the overview. Content data was stored in Evernote. For example, the contact with all address details and documented information was a note in Evernote. This was called up from Merlin Project via a link.

Key Account Management 2.0

Today we no longer work with Evernote. The software simply no longer worked for us. In fact, our entire data storage strategy has changed completely since 2019. But that's a topic for another article. Write to us if this is of interest to you.

Instead, all information is now stored in Merlin Project, which in turn is stored in the iCloud. This means that users with an iPad or even an iPhone can also access it. We also trust Apple more when it comes to security.

Further Changes

A Resubmission System

Sometimes we couldn't see the wood for the trees. All the information was in the open view - but it was simply overlooked. So we took advantage of Merlin Project's style system and implemented a color-coded WV system.

Three entries were created in the style rules:

  • FollowUp-Overdue
  • FollowUp-Yesterday
  • FollowUp-Today
Style Rules

Each of these rules is assigned a text color (red, orange, yellow) that takes the system date (or the status date) as a basis and compares it with the value of the follow-up. The lines are then colored accordingly.


The contents of our conversations are added as comments to the entry. As every user logs in to Merlin Project, we have a complete history of the information.


We use the established notes field for the target definition, i.e. to explain the title. So if a title is "Training for XYZ company", the user will find the detailed information in the notes.

One Contact Link for Everything

Instead of the Evernote link, there is now a general link for the contact. Here we enter the e-mail address or a LinkedIn link, which has proven itself in practice.


Attachments are used much more than before.

  • Checklists: For smaller tasks related to the lead
  • Information: Using the URL field mostly as link storage when additional links are needed.
  • Risks: For overall risk management of partners and customers.
  • Files: Important e-mails and other files are managed here.

New Groupings and Filters

There are also some new filters that we use regularly. But we mainly use the groupings:

  • ABC groupings
  • By location (which has proved particularly useful for travel preparations)
  • By user
  • By type of account (our goal)

Version & Download

The new template can of course be downloaded free of charge. All it takes is a mouse click.

But here is a special opportunity for you: If you still have requests or want to suggest changes to the new KAM, this is exactly the right time. We are currently working on the documentation, which will of course be written with the new adoc Studio. If we receive any requests during this time, we will be happy to consider them. So: write to us!

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