6 Tips to Crack the Storytelling Code - PM Edition

A Project Manager's Guide to Crafting Stories that Align Your Team

How to craft great stories

Navigating the world of project management is no easy feat. Aligning a diverse team towards a common goal can often feel like herding cats. I once met Tom, a project manager, who was facing this very challenge. Drawing inspiration from the art of storytelling, he found a way to unite and inspire his team. This is what I learned from his experience:

1. Setting Clear Objectives

Tom started each project by setting a clear narrative for his team. By laying out the storyline of what they were aiming to achieve, he ensured that every member had a clear understanding of the project's purpose and their role in it. Just as a story has a beginning, middle, and end, Tom outlined the milestones of the project in a way that was easy to grasp and compelling.

2. Painting the Big Picture

Rather than getting lost in the weeds of the tasks at hand, Tom consistently reminded his team of the broader vision. He'd describe the potential impact of their project, the challenges they might face, and the rewards of their collective efforts. By painting this vivid picture, Tom ensured his team always had a panoramic view of the project landscape.

3. Sharing Personal Experiences

Building trust and rapport with his team was essential for Tom. He frequently shared anecdotes from past projects - both successes and failures. These stories served as learning experiences and made Tom more relatable, showing that he too had faced challenges and overcome them.

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4. Injecting Humor

Tom recognized that while projects can be demanding, a light-hearted moment can ease tension and foster team cohesion. He'd often share amusing anecdotes or find humorous ways to present challenges, ensuring the team's spirits remained lifted even during tough times.

5. Building Relationships

Recognizing that each team member brought a unique perspective, Tom took the time to understand their individual stories. He would have one-on-ones, asking about their professional journeys, aspirations, and even their hobbies. This personalized approach meant that every team member felt seen and heard, strengthening their commitment to the project.

6. Staying Genuine

Transparency and authenticity were Tom's guiding principles. He always communicated openly about the project's status, challenges, and changes. His genuineness fostered a culture of trust, where team members felt safe to voice their concerns and share their ideas.

In the end, Tom's embrace of storytelling transformed his approach to project management. By weaving a compelling narrative and fostering genuine connections, he not only aligned his team but also inspired them to deliver exceptional results. The takeaway for all project managers? Storytelling is a potent tool, not just in captivating an audience but in leading successful projects.

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Posted by Marvin Blome on October 26th, 2023 under Project Management
Tags: storytelling teamwork

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