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For some time now, we also offer our project management software Merlin Project in Apple's App Stores for Mac and iOS. Increasingly often we receive the question what information Apple passes on from the subscribers of our app to us developers.

Apple does not share personal data of a customer

Apple's systems are designed to include very robust data authorization rules. These are also reviewed in the rigorous review process before any new version of an app is approved. Apple has been adding the App Privacy section to the product pages in the App Store for some time now for better visibility. There, you can learn about some of the types of data the app may collect and whether that data is linked to you or used to track you. Learn more about privacy settings on Apple's privacy page.

Merlin Project App Privacy

As the developer of the software, we only know which product was purchased, when, and in which country. The result is that we do not know the buyers and subscribers of our software. We do not know if you have subscribed to Merlin Project, Merlin Project Express, the Mac or iPad version, or even multiple products. We also don't have access to subscription management and billing, as Apple handles this completely.

Our support recommends!

If you ever need help with an application, please let us know which product you are using, this will save you us asking.

ProjectWizards protects your privacy

Asides from sales via the App Store, we at ProjectWizards take the protection of your privacy very seriously! For several years now, we have established a culture that especially includes the protection and security of your data. Particularly in project management, it is important that your data stays with you and is not shared with third parties without permission.

Posted by Stefanie Blome on February 21st, 2022 under Internal
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