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Frank Blome, ProjectWizards GmbH

Hello, my name is Frank Blome and I founded ProjectWizards in 2002. As the boss, my area of responsibility actually includes everything that no one else feels responsible for 😉. Additionally I lead the project management.

For my daily work I use a variety of programs, especially because I also like to try something new.

  • Even though the internal communication at ProjectWizards runs via Slack this is unfortunately not the only communication tool. Through different user circles, I also live in MS Teams, Discord, Signal, Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple's Messages, Facetime, Zulip, Skype and Zoom.

  • Merlin Project is not only my baby, but also one of my main tools! It is not only used to organize all projects, but also to capture brainstorming results as mind maps, to document tasks in the Kanban board and - surely a bit unusual - to do the Key Account Management.

  • Whenever something has to be written, I use BBEdit; by the way since 1988, that means since the beginning of my Macintosh time. This does not only apply to pure texts, but also to shell scripts and other documents. For my Asciidoctor texts I wrote a Codeless Language Module and published it on GitHub.

  • Of course, business planning and evaluation is a big topic for me. Here Microsoft Excel is the tool of my choice.

  • Previous presentations were built in Keynote for many years, but this is changing somewhat at the moment. The latest works are now increasingly written with BBEdit in Markdown- or Asciidoctor format.

  • The versioning of all texts runs in Git. As a frontend I like to use Tower, but I also like to try something new. Here I recently stumbled across LazyGit which is an interesting approach in the terminal. Something retro is always nice to see 🙂.

  • Of course, the native tools in macOS and iOS or iPadOS are used regularly. Of course, Mail, Calendar and Safari are the most important ones.

Posted by Frank Blome on April 7th, 2021 under Internal
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Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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