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Tools and apps I work with - today: Peter Meier

Peter Meier, ProjectWizards GmbH

Hello, this is Peter Meier and I am with the support team of ProjectWizards.
My main task is supporting our macOS and iOS Apps users, complemented by testing our software products, blogging and taking screenshots / videos.

For my daily work I draw on a digital toolbox. Here is a small selection of the tools and apps I work with...

  • First helper of the day is Slack; chat and audio functionality for internal communication; see who is available online. The ProjectWizards' team works decentrally, each from their own favorite place, usually the home office.

  • Should the working group include more than two employees, we will use Skype for audio conferencing and sometimes Zoom for video conferencing.

  • Lets continue with the web browser, the most commonly used tool in support. Here I rely primarily on Opera, for processing customer questions in SupportPal and for research. For checking our website content or HTML exports from Merlin Project, I also use Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

  • For ongoing review and quality assurance of our macOS, iPadOS and iOS software products, I need developer or official versions of Merlin Project, Merlin Project Express and the iOS apps Phone Memos, Herein! or Meeting Cards.

  • On iOS, I also need Apple's Testflight for testing developer versions.

  • Parallels Desktop provides me with different macOS versions in virtual machines for compatibility testing of our products. A virtual machine with Microsoft Windows including Microsoft Project allows me testing the import of MS Project XML files created by Merlin Project.

  • I often include screenshots or short videos in my answers to our customers. I create them with SnagIt and Screenflow.

  • To report issues or features requests for our products, I use our Jira installation.

  • For version management of our various company projects, we chose Git and the Tower app.

Posted by Peter Meier on March 24th, 2021 under Internal
Tags: tools software personal-setup remote-work

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