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Merlin Project: Push Activity Starting Dates at Once

Merlin Project Support

From time to time we get asked in support, how to shift given planned starting dates at once in Merlin Project schedules to a new date while maintaining the current slacks between them.

Flexible scheduling when using dependencies

Pushing activities at once is easy if having used dependencies to link them.

To shift the complete project:

You can enter a new project Start date in 'Settings > General > Date Presets'.

To shift all upcoming activities:

You may use the Dynamic Planning setting in 'Settings > General > Status Date', and define a new starting date for the first upcoming activity. The linkages between the activities will push successors as needed.

Static scheduling

If the activities are set to specific starting dates, you need to edit their given start date individually.

Note: We recommend using as much dependencies and as less dates as possible. This keeps you flexible for changes throughout the project's life time.

More flexibility over AppleScript

Another option would be to write an AppleScript which reads the given planned earliest start dates of the activities, applies the desired time offset, and writes the new date back onto the activities of the project.

You don't have the time to code such an Applescript from the scratch? Just download a script we've prepared and open it in the macOS ScriptEditor. It can push the complete project or just the current selection.

Note To AppleScripts from ProjectWizards: You may incorporate this ProjectWizards sample code into your program(s) without restriction. This ProjectWizards sample code has been provided "AS IS" and the responsibility for its operation is yours. You are not permitted to redistribute this ProjectWizards sample code as "ProjectWizards sample code" after having made changes. If you're going to redistribute the code, we require that you make it clear that the code was descended from ProjectWizards sample code but that you've made changes.

Pushing activities at once is easy if having used dependencies to link them. Manually set dates, need to be edited individually. Alternatively you can use AppleScript to quicken those actions.

Posted by Vicky Stamatopoulou on February 14th, 2018 under Products
Tags: merlin-project support

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