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Guest Access and User-Resources

Merlin Project Support

Project files contain important and confidential information. When required you can define access permissions to your documents in Merlin Project.

In every new project the default resource permits you access to the project. This resource is also implemented to control guest access and cannot be deleted.

A new resource can be defined as a user, in that you enable its 'Is user' option. Click once again onto the 'Set password…' to define the password for this user-resource.

Guest access

When you insert the very first user-resource into your project, Merlin Project prompts you if you want to keep or disable the guest access. Disable guest access, to forbit other access and permissions than those defined for your user-resources.

Have you allowed guest access to a project and would like to disable it later on?


Call a Resources view of the project in question. Select the Default Resource. Disable its 'Is User' option. From this moment onwards you'll need to enter a user-resource and its password to open this project file.

Posted by Antoni Cherif on February 6th, 2017 under Products
Tags: merlin-project support

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