Friday Again Already?

Emergency Exit

Team Meeting

Last week the Friday column unfortunately had to be cancelled. The preparations for our upcoming team meeting took up all my time.

In this week it was finally time again. The whole ProjectWizards team met for the annual Christmas meeting. And this was surely not only for me but for all colleagues once again a real highlight.

But we were also busy! On two days we not only reviewed the year 2016 but also planned first topics for 2017. Let us surprise you!

Insiders know that our Christmas meeting is not just about work. We always like to use this event for a more or less sportive activity. This year we went bowling. The support and service teams didn't miss a thing and the final result was very close. Fortunately, nobody had to rely on the use of the admittedly strange emergency exit (see right). We concluded with our Christmas dinner in a nice country inn.

We had a lot of fun and go strengthened into the end of the year.

Question of the week

Of course there was a "favourite question" again this week. Sometimes I wonder how and where people come to an agreement. This week was about working with MS Project and whether Merlin Project can import and export the file format. Yes, of course. There is even a useful one in this context tip.

Completion of the trainings in 2016

This year the training season will run longer than usual. Normally there are no trainings at all in December. But apparently this year is different. So the company Brainworks Training was asked to hold another event in Hamburg in any case. A wish that Josef Neumaier gladly complies with. Therefore, another Merlin Project Training will take place on December 15th and 16th. Some last places are still free. The realization is guaranteed in any case.

Now I must get back to work. Bye for now…

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