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I Have a New Mac. How Can I Use My Merlin Project Subscription There?

With your license you can simultaneously activate up to 2 personal devices. To use the Merlin Project subscription on a third Mac, you must first unsubscribe on the existing Mac. This is how you do it:

  • Open the settings in Merlin Project and switch to the tab "subscription".
  • By pressing the ALT key ⌥ (option), the text of the button changes from "Manage subscription..." to "Deactivate device".
  • You can now deactivate your device by clicking the button.
    Mange Merlin Project subscription
  • Merlin Project now switches from licensed to read-only mode on this Mac. You can open existing projects, but you cannot edit, print or create new projects.

After downloading Merlin Project on your new Mac, you can now activate it using your login (email and password) set upon subscription or you choose "Activate Team Device" and enter your license code.

Please note: Resetting licensed Macs and switching to a new Mac is possible only once a week.

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