I Have Multiple Mac Computers. Do I Need a Separate Subscription for Each?

We need to differentiate between the version from our website and the version purchased from the App Store.

With a license from our website (PW store version billed via Paddle), you can unlock Merlin Project on up to 2 Macs.

  • Start your subscription on one device first.
  • On the 2nd device you can then unlock the software via "Manage existing subscription" using your login data (e-mail and password) or via "Activate team device" using your license number.
Manage Existing Subscription

However, Merlin Project cannot be used to edit documents on both devices at the same time. Once Merlin Project license is used on one Mac, it will be in read-only mode on the second. To use the software simultaneously, you need an additional license.

In order to use the software on another, third Mac, you need an additional license or must first deactivate a previous device. Multi-user subscriptions are only available with the PW Store version billed via Paddle.

When subscribing from the App Store, the subscription is always linked to a personal Apple ID. The software can be used on all Macs linked to the Apple ID. Apple limits the usage to 5 devices activated at the same time.

Note: Merlin Project on iPad or iPhone requires a separate, additional subscription.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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