Coordinate Resources Across Projects

Coordinate Resources Across Projects

Assigning resources across multiple projects is inevitable if your co-workers are not only working on single projects. In Merlin Project, you can set up resource pools to support you with the assignment.

Resource pools enable centralized resource utilization and synchronization across various projects. They allow for efficient resource utilization through resource reuse, unified updates for consistent data, simplified centralized resource management, and improved planning and coordination. They enhance efficiency and transparency in managing resources across multiple projects, contributing to project success.

Setting Up Resource Pools:

To set up a resource pool in Merlin Project, follow these steps:

  1. Create a New Resource Pool Document:

Launch Merlin Project and open a new project. Then click on the menu: "File > New" or use the keyboard shortcut Option + Command + N. Alternatively, select "New Document" in the open dialog, then click "Empty Document"", and finally, click "Create".

  1. Create Resources:

Create new resources for the resource pool by clicking on Resources in the toolbar. Then click on the plus icon to add a new resource and provide a name for it. Now, click the plus icon again to confirm. Repeat these steps to create all the necessary resources for your resource pool.

Tip: If you already have contacts in the Contacts.app or Microsoft Outlook, you can drag and drop these contacts directly into the menu: Resources > Entry view to add them as resources to your resource pool. Contacts added in this way will be incorporated into the resource pool with their information from the contact card, including their image, email, and phone number.

  1. View and Edit Resources:

Switch to the Resources > Entry view for detailed resource editing. In this view, you have columns with various information for adjusting resources. Select a resource and open the Resource Inspector, which provides all available options for customizing the selected resource.

  1. Save the Resource Pool Document:

After adding all the necessary resources and information, save the document using the menu "File > Save" or the keyboard shortcut ⌘+S. Name the resource pool document, and then click Save.

  1. Use Resource Pools in Projects:

To use the resource pool you've created in a project, open a new or existing project. Click on the menu "File > Project Settings" or select from the Tool Bar to icon picturing a wrench with a screwdriver and then go to the Utilization tab. In the Inspector, check the Resource Pools option. This option considers resource assignments from resource pools in your project.

The Utilisation Inspector in Merlin Project

Here you can add, remove, or edit resource pools linked to the current project. Simply click the plus icon to add a suitable resource pool document, or drag and drop a resource pool document directly into the Resource Pools field to quickly add it to the project.

The Resource Pool in Merlin Project

Now, you have set up and linked a resource pool to your project, allowing for efficient resource management and synchronization across multiple projects. You can also remove or disconnect resource pools when necessary to work with individual resources.

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