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19 Years Project Management With Merlin Project

... Isn't That a Reason to Celebrate!

Ever since 2004, when we released our - no longer so - little wizard, project managers on the Mac or iPad can't get past Merlin Project. Our flexible app supports them in planning, managing and controlling small and large projects.

Happy Birthday, Merlin Project

Happy Birthday, Merlin Project

Our users plan the most beautiful buildings, invite to the most dazzling events, search for answers to fundamental questions, explore and travel the universe, have invented the PC, and think differently - and we are proud to have supported their work with Merlin Project for 19 years.

We are grateful for our customers - without you, this 19th birthday would not be possible. If you would like to leave us a birthday message, we look forward to your contribution in our Merlin Project forum.

For us, this birthday also means the start of planning for our anniversary next year - of course with Merlin Project and the "Big Birthday". You can look forward to many great activities.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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