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Public Beta Test of the Upcoming Operating System macOS Sonoma

Why you should not install a public beta of an operating system on your productive computer

Public beta test macOS operating system

With macOS Sonoma, the next update of the operating system is in the starting blocks. The release is announced for this fall.

The anticipation of the latest features and improvements is certainly often irresistible. Therefore, it is very tempting to already install the public beta version of the operating system to test the new features ahead of time. However, there are 5 important reasons why you should avoid doing this on your productively used computer.

1. Stability

Operating system betas are, by definition, still in the testing phase. They can contain many bugs and problems that affect the overall stability and performance of the system. A crash or system failure in the middle of an important task can have serious consequences, especially if you depend on your computer for professional purposes.

2. Compatibility

Not all applications or hardware components are already compatible with the new operating system. Beta versions, after all, are also used by us developers to make necessary adjustments so that everything runs when the new macOS is released. So it can happen that software that is crucial for your work does not work properly or even does not start at all.

Even though the current version 8.1.9 of Merlin Project is already running on macOS Sonoma, we still need time to complete our testing for the new operating system.

3. Security

While developers at Apple strive to make their operating systems secure, a beta version may still contain security holes that will be closed in the final version. These could potentially be exploited and therefore pose a security risk.

4. Support

Support for beta versions is often limited or non-existent. This means that you may be on your own if you encounter problems, or you may have to resort to forums and community help, which can be time-consuming and unreliable.

5. Data Loss

Beta versions can cause data to be lost. Although it is always advisable to perform regular backups, using a beta version can increase the risk of data loss.

Apple Beta Software Program


In summary, installing a public beta version of an operating system on a productive computer carries risks that far exceed the benefit of early use of new features. It is therefore advisable to install beta versions on a separate test system or to wait until the official release of the operating system update to ensure the stability, security and compatibility of your productively used computer.

If you have any questions about this blog article or would like to discuss it, we look forward to your contribution in our forum.

Posted by Frank Blome on July 14th, 2023 under Products
Tags: beta-test macos

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