The 10 Commitments for Project Managers

10 Commitments for Project Managers

What does project business has to do with the Bible? Nothing. Unless you take the 10 Commandments and apply them to project management. That’s exactly, what we have done and it was not only fun but revealed some basic truths about how to manage projects with success.

1. You shall have no other project before this one. The project you are working on shall be the most important project in the world to you. This perspective will keep you focused and positive.

2. You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the project. The project has to be clear to you, to the project team and the sponsors. It has to be known by everyone so that it is relevant.

3. Remember the deadlines and keep them holy. Deadlines will arrive faster than you think. Make sure the deadlines are known and clearly communicated. If there is any slip, ensure it is justified and well communicated.

4.Honor your boss and sponsors. If your project does well, you do well. If you do well, your boss does well. The sponsors will love you. At the end, it all comes back in the form of rewards.

5. You shall not kill your project. You must do everything possible for the project to be successful. That’s your job.

6. You shall not commit project adultery. You should have plenty enough to do with your own projects. If they are not the kind of projects you like to be assigned to then make it a priority to lobby for the ones you do but do not make yourself miserable by wanting another PM’s project or bad-mouthing another PM for how bad he or she is managing that project.

7. You shall not steal (ideas). Share ideas. Elevate good ideas and support them but don’t make them yours; it is not moral and it is not ethical.

8. You shall not bear false witness against your project team. You must support your project team especially after decisions have been made and agreed upon, even if the results are not good. After all, there must have been a good reason for why that decision was made.

9.You shall not covet your fellow PM’s resources. You have your own project resources; if you need someone with specific skills who is working for another PM, make a formal request, don’t ask him or her to spend time on your project because, most likely, it can’t be done in relatively small time and/or it will affect the project he or she is already assigned to.

10. You shall not covet anything that belongs to your project team If the team accomplished an important milestone, let them know what a great job they performed. Even under your management the glory belongs to them.

Although this list is not to be taken too seriously, its main thoughts remain true for any project manager who wants to be more effective. Next time when you wonder if you did a good job, remember this article.

Posted by Richard Joerges on April 12th, 2018 under Project Management

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