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Holiday Overview

Merlin Project Support

Have you ever wanted to see when your project resources are on holidays and checked their calendar exceptions one by one in the Resources inspector?

Wouldn't be easier if you can see them all at once in one Merlin Project view?

Sure. So this is how to configure it.

Supposedly you have a project with three resources; R1, R2 and R3.

All of these three resources have some calendar exceptions.

Step 1 - Add an Assignment view:

  • select ,Assignments > Work Distribution'
  • select ,Edit… > +'
  • name the new view ,Holiday'

Step 2 - Style your custom view:

  • perform a secondary click on a dimmed area of the Gantt (these are the non-working times)
  • select ,Style > Non-working Time'
  • select a new background color

Step 3 - Configure the display of Non-Working Time:

  • click on a Gantt header
  • use the ,Time scale' inspector and set ,Non-working Time > Darken > Individually per Row'
  • set the slider to ,Hide all regular non-working days'

Step 4 - Remove other content from the time phases:

  • perform a secondary click on a time phase box
  • select ,Content > Time Phases'
  • disable the ,Content' checkbox

You may also check following test project containing a custom view, we've created as explained above.

Holiday Overview

So you see, you can customize Merlin by creating new views and using the style options to fulfill your individual project management needs.

Posted by Peter Meier on April 26th, 2017 under Products
Tags: merlin-project support

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