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Touching Moments with
Merlin Project 4.1 and Touch Bar

Merlin Project

Merlin Project 4.1 is the latest version of the leading project management software for Mac, and now includes support for the innovative Touch Bar on the latest generation of MacBook Pro models. While it only ever used to take just a few clicks anyway for users, such as architects, web designers or marketing and product managers, to shed light on scheduling, managing, and controlling their projects, nobody has to do anymore clicking.

Touch Bar

The thin OLED bar above the MacBook keyboard – the so-called Touch Bar – now allows context-sensitive access to central software functions, including Merlin Project, without the user needing to switch from the keyboard to the mouse or touchpad.

For instance, to add a new activity to a project, all the user needs to do now is tap on the corresponding plus icon on the Touch Bar. You can now assign resources with the tap of a finger. And it’s just as easy to create a wide range of attachments, such as checklists, information, events, risks, and issues – as well as files on activities, projects, and resources. It’s also a breeze to add child activities and milestones within a project, create links, and show the critical path.

For 12 years, Merlin Project has been the professional application of choice with a fast learning curve and almost limitless expansion possibilities for any industry. With version 4.1, ProjectWizards are once again quick to support the latest Apple technology – assisting their customers and enabling them to enjoy even more intuitive control.

Since version 4, teamwork has been at the heart of Merlin Project. At a click, and without any complex user management, managed project resources are converted into users who can work on the project. With version 4.1 and the Touch Bar, projects are now even more accessible to all project participants.

Posted by Frank Blome on November 24th, 2016 under Products
Tags: merlin-project release

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