What Happens to My Files After The subscription Ends?

Unlike other SaaS, Merlin Project is not a cloud software and does not manage your project files. With the subscription, you only pay for the use of the software.

You decide where you store your project data.

Merlin Project files do not reside on any cloud storage that we manage. This way, you can still access them even if you decide to cancel your Merlin Project subscription. The project files remain where you put them.

If you want to open a project file at a later time, you can use Merlin Project in read-only mode as a free reader. If you want to make changes to the project file, the short-term monthly subscription would be an option.

Recommendation of our support:

You do not have a license, but you need a Merlin Project file in another supported file format? Feel free to send us the file and we will export it for you.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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