Is a Free Viewer for Merlin Project Documents Available?

Yes. To view Merlin Project documents download the software. Upon its start you may choose whether you like to subscribe, start the 30 day trial or use it only for reading.

Start screen in Merlin Project

Select 'Only Use for Reading' to have it as a free viewer for Merlin Project documents.

In case you do decide to start the demo, after the demo period expires, you can still use Merlin Project as a viewer and open existing documents but you can not do any changes or export the file in any way which includes printing.

Free viewer for Merlin Project documents

Again, to have the app as a free viewer for Merlin Project documents, you need to click onto 'Only Use for Reading'.

To view Merlin Project Express documents, just use the app without starting any subscriptions. Read more about Merlin Project Express.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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