What is Merlin Project Go?

Project to go! After a long time spent planning, you’re now leaving your workplace and heading off with your iPhone to where your project will be happening.

Merlin Project Go is the perfect companion for Merlin Project 4. You can now just continue working while on the move using your iPhone or iPad. You have a Merlin Project to go!

Subscribe to Merlin Project Go via the App Store. Every subscription starts with a free trial period of 14 days. So, you can try out Merlin Project Go in your own time.

Work Breakdown

Your Project on the iPhone and iPad

Data Ping Pong

It goes without saying that Merlin Project Go and Merlin Server work together perfectly as a team. Subscribe to documents on your server and edit these on your iPhone. All changes are synchronized immediately.

You can also open your projects via a cloud service such as Box.com, iCloud, or Dropbox – or simply from an email directly.

Same Structures – Specialized Applications

Merlin Project Go is the direct offspring of Merlin Project. This means that you can start using the app right away using the knowledge you already have.

Make minor changes to your project when on the move, or attach photos from your iPhone to activities, groups, or even resources. Merlin Project Go lets you keep your project up to date at all times even when you’re on the move.

A Gantt Chart in a Flash

Here’s a great trick to get a quick and really useful graphical overview of your project: Turn your iPhone 90° and your project structure will be displayed as a bar chart. And there’s more: On the Gantt chart, tap a bar and rotate the iPhone back again, and this precise activity will be highlighted in the list.


An Overview of your Project Team

The Mobile Resources List

Need your project customer’s email address,
a supplier’s mobile number, or the tradesperson’s overtime rate right away wherever you are? Not a problem!

You’ve now have all the data at your fingertips at all times. This list of resources is always up to date thanks to background syncing via Merlin Server.


Utilization at a Glance

Who is doing what, when, and with whom?

Answer questions like this in just a few taps. Merlin Project Go lets you see at a glance who is doing what, when, and how much? And, how you can better distribute tasks?

View and update the progress of all your team’s tasks from the comfort of your iPhone. And when you’re on the move, you can quickly assign a team member new activities whenever you see that someone’s still has some spare capacity.


Just like in Merlin Project

Work Areas

Merlin Project Go also supports Work Areas implemented in Merlin Project 4. If you use them, you won’t be disturbed by changes made by your team members. Your changes to the project document are kept local, but synchronized across all of your other devices. When you’re done, switch back to the Public Work Area and all the changes – yours as well as everyone else’s – will be re-synced.

Project Settings

You won’t find yourself short of any settings in Merlin Project Go. You can set all presets, such as the project sorting direction, project start date, and starting week all on your iOS device. And of course, everything is synced with your Mac again.


Subscribe to Merlin Project Go via the App Store
for just $2.99 (€3.99) a month or for $29.99 (€39.99) a year (You save 16 %).
Every subscription starts with a free trial period of 14 days and can be cancelled any time