Price List

Download the software and test the full feature set 30 days for free.


  • CHF 19.00 / month
  • CHF 190.00 / year

Professional project management
for individual users and teams on the Mac.

  • CHF 11.00 / month
  • CHF 110.00 / year

For the mobile project manager
on iPad or iPhone.

  • CHF 6.00 / month
  • CHF 60.00 / year

The small version for the
private project manager on the Mac.

The licenses are valid per user. The sales tax (VAT/GST) is included in the prices.
Currencies not listed are calculated on the basis of the Euro.

Our End User License Agreement (EULA) applies, which you can read here.

The price for an existing Merlin Project subscription always stays the same - even if we raise the price for new customers.